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Department of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering was founded in 1969 from the core unit of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which was Department od Electrical Engineering led by Ing.František Poliak, CSc.  The beginning of department´s existence is connected with significant help from pedagogues from other Czechoslovakian universities, mainly from SVST Bratislava. Doc. Ing. Ivan Puzjak, CSc. from SVST became the first chief of department.

Doc. Ing. Vojtech Šimko, CSc. became the first internal chief of department in 1972. That time he is also subdean.

The number of department´s employees rises directly proportional to increasing numbers of students studying on faculty. The education is now provided only by internal employees. The research aim is beginning to form. Doc. Ing. Ladislav Šterbinský, CSc. is the department chief in years 1983-1990. Former employees from Department of Electroenergetics are employed in department, so it has around 30 members that time. The number of students is 450. 

Divisions of Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Electrical Measurement and Microelectronic circuits are created in year 1984. In the same time, the department is renamed to Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Circuit Technics. Department adds electrotechnology and microelectronic circuit to ist education and research field of interest and also begins cooperation with Wuppertal Univerzity.  

The next reorganisation happens in year 1991. From the department of microelectronic circuits the stand-alone Department of hybrid microelectronics is created and the department is renamed to Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Electrical Measurement. The head of the department becomes the Doc. Ing. Miroslav Moj?iš. From 1.5.2007Prof. Ing. Dobroslav Kováe, CSc. becomes the new head of the department.   

After several years of successful guarantee and run of the Industrial Electrical Engineering study programme on all 3 level of study, the department is in year 2013 renamed to Department of Theoretical and Industrial Electrical Engineering.